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Lipstick Lab collection.

We want to change the way people think about natural and cruelty free cosmetics.

 We don't just have colours that Grandma would like to wear, natural lipsticks doesn't have to mean unfashionable . Explore our range of colours and find your perfect shade. Express your personality and create the perfect look with Lipstick Lab.

All Lipsticks are natural, vegan, cruelty free and made in New Zealand by us.

Lipstick Lab

Natural, Vegan, New Zealand made, Cruelty free and Chemical free.


We are a boutique skincare and cosmetic company that prides our self on our ethics, we do not believe in harming Animals or the Environment in order to make a quick buck. This is why our products are Chemical and Cruelty free, because we do not feel the need to go all "crazy scientist" on Bambi and his friends!

Our Products are natural and fragrance-free which means they are non-irritating and soothing making them ideal for all skin types including sensitive and problem skin. Our Lipsticks are made by us right here in New Zealand.

Treat yourself with these little luxuries xx